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Undertaking any type of office fit-out is generally costly and disruptive events, so it naturally makes sense to appoint the best company you can to implement the project. If the right company is chosen the fit-out project should be planned, organized, budgeted and managed correctly, resulting in the seamless occupation of your new or refurbished office space.

At SLM INTERIOR DECORATION LLC we can combine the traditional with the ultra modern – we can bring in splashes of color to a dull environment – or brighten up a simple office in a simple way. The fit-out designs are planned with lots of proportion, scale and the plans in mind – so we guarantee that you will get what we said you will get. We bring to you a whole interior with a sense of timelessness and unique for. Commercial and residential places

Our timelines and budgets are another face of our interior fit-outs that we closely monitor and keep in check. Our simple approach brings to you the most cost effective yet the perfectly suitable solutions for your needs. Products at SLM Interiors include beautiful and comfortable bedding’s that are a romantic retreat & our assortment of cabinets, tables, drawers and chests are impressive. Our closet and shelving ideas are not so open – they might be hidden right before your eye, deceived as a beautiful art.

We bring to most varieties of floor covering which are unique collection for offices that range at all costs. We extend our high quality bespoke furniture from indoor furniture to outside your doors too. Our wall covering have patterns and colors from all shades and hues of colors.

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