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SLM Interior is a premier interior company in Dubai, offering comprehensive design services that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Our team creates customized solutions for homes and workplaces. At SLM, our mission is to elevate living spaces with elegant designs that reflect the unique aspirations of our clients. Our dedicated, skilled site teams will ensure your fit out project is delivered within the best timeframe and finished to the highest possible standards. Contact the best interiors company Dubai, UAE.

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At our leading interior company in Dubai, UAE, we specialize in crafting inviting and personalized spaces that exceed expectations. Our journey is self-discovery, driven by a vision to create luxury living experiences. We have been providing excellent interior design standards for years now. By blending expertise, creativity, and innovation, we consistently deliver results that are nothing short of exceptional.

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To start a business in Dubai, you need approval from different departments. Our team can help you process your approval for your Office, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Salons, Warehouses, etc. Our expert team will make your Approval process hassle-free. We provide complete Approval services, which include

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We are a leading interior company in Dubai known for our innovative designs, timely completion of projects, and competitive pricing. From concept development to final installation, we offer a comprehensive service to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Through creative concepts and mood boards, we allow clients to visualize their designs firsthand. You can expect quality results from us that exceed expectations, all delivered efficiently and at an affordable price

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I'm Jiju, representing Chandran Gurukkal Clinic in Dubai. Our partnership with SLM has been truly rewarding. With their innovative ideas, we've been able to enhance our designs and options significantly. SLM consistently emphasizes cost control, ensuring that our projects remain within budget without compromising quality. Their timeliness is impeccable; we've experienced no delays or issues during project completions. SLM boasts an excellent team, and their professionalism shines through in every aspect of their work. We hold SLM in high regard and prioritize them whenever we embark on new projects. They are truly the best in the business, and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with them.

Jiju M K Founder & CEO of Chandran Gurukkal Clinic

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Sekhar for his exceptional patience and unwavering support throughout our collaboration. He was always available to address any changes or concerns we had, demonstrating a level of commitment that exceeded our expectations. Mr. Sekhar even ensured that his team prioritized Nail Garden, which we greatly appreciate. Thank you immensely, Mr. Sekhar, for your dedication. SLM's availability was remarkable, providing us with support 24/7. Whether day or night, they were consistently responsive and ready to assist whenever needed. I couldn't identify any shortcomings in their work; SLM operates with a high level of professionalism and proficiency. I extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sekhar and the entire SLM team for their outstanding service and unwavering dedication to excellence. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to others seeking reliable and professional support.

Nail Garden Founder & CEO

As a new startup, I explored various options among different architects. However, I encountered substantial fitting costs with many of them. Upon meeting SLM Interiors, I found their approach reassuring. They assured me not to worry about your project, thanks to their team of talented professionals who offer comprehensive services. This aspect alone should be a primary consideration, ensuring you receive everything under one roof. While other architects may initially seem affordable, hidden costs often emerge down the line. My experiences with other firms felt like a focus on monetary aspects upfront, with the job quality sometimes compromised. Conversely, SLM Interiors operates with patience, offering manageable payment plans alongside their commitment to delivering value for your investment. With SLM, you can trust that they will fulfill their promises and provide the quality you deserve.

Charlies Angels Founder & Owner

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Clients Reviews

Extreme Group
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SLM Support team is fantastic and Knowledgeable responses every time we need their help. Super flexible and one of the most efficient fit out team we have worked with so far. Highly recommend!
Last Chance Giggle
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Great fitout company, that will handle your requirements in a professional manner, quick response to authorities requirements which will expedite the works, strongly recommends to approach for fitout works.
Mahendra Godwani
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SLM Team has completed our New Showroom Complete interiors. We are Very Happy with their Competitive rates, On time work completion and Professional service.


Find answers to your burning questions about interior fit-outs here."

What is an interior company in dubai?

Interior fit-out companies in Dubai specialize in transforming interior spaces, whether residential or commercial. Their services include design conceptualization, construction, and installation of furnishings, fixtures, and finishes.

Why is interior fit-out important?

Fit-out enhances a space's functionality, aesthetics, and overall appeal. It ensures that the interior design vision is brought to life with precision, attention to detail, and functionality, as well as catering to the specific needs and preferences of the client.

What is the difference between fit out and interior design?

An interior space designer conceptualizes and plans a space's layout, aesthetics, and overall design elements. A fit-out involves implementing the design plan, including constructing and installing fixtures, furnishings, and finishes to attain the desired outcome.

Which is the best interiors company dubai?

It is easy to find interiors company Dubai, UAE, but choosing one with all the functions and services you require is necessary. As one of Dubai's leading interior fit-out companies, SLM Interiors has earned a reputation for excellence. By transforming spaces, SLM offers unparalleled expertise, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

What services do SLM Interiors provide?

Our services include interior design, 3D modeling, fit-out and renovation services, joinery, and contracting, ensuring every client's seamless and tailored experience.