Dubai Municipality Approval in Dubai

Dubai Municipality Approval

The Dubai Municipality (DM) is an urban planning and maintaining department of the Dubai Government. The services of municipal services include cultural and heritage development, regulation of apartments and buildings, food control, drainage network, sewage treatment, public parks, public health, and safety, decor approval, and various other municipal affairs and services. In terms of services provided and projects carried out in Dubai, The Municipality of Dubai is one of the largest government institutions.

Dubai Municipality (DM) approves the establishment of all kinds of municipal services in the Dubai Location.

Our team will ensure that the plans submitted comply with Dubai Municipality requirements and standards.

Our service includes the preparation, the construction permit, and the completion of certificates for authorities.

The Following are the various approvals provided by us.

Document’s required for Municipality Approval in Dubai:

  • Trade license copy of the Tenant
  • Copy of Ejari/Tenancy contract
  • NOC from Building owner/real estate/management
  • Affection/site plan
  • Existing and proposed drawings
  • Building management

Our team of experts will support you during the entire approval process and gets your approvals done as quickly as possible without any issues.

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