Food Control Department and Restaurant Approval in Dubai

Food Control Department Approval

DUBAI is one of the world’s largest trade in food imports and exports and DXB has become the world’s most favorite tourist destination for people.

Food control department approval in Dubai Municipality includes –

  • Dubai Municipality Restaurant Approval
  • Dubai Municipality  Hotel Approval
  • Dubai Municipality  Cafeteria Approval
  • Dubai Municipality  Cafe Approval
  • Dubai Municipality  Bakerie Approvals
  • Dubai Municipality  Butcherie Approval
  • Dubai Municipality  Foodservice operation institution for schools and hospitals.
  • Dubai Municipality  Supermarket, grocery, and departmental stores Approval
  • Dubai Municipality  Food factories and warehouses Approval

SLM Interior DXB Team provides you the best support and service to get you the approvals from the distinctive authorities in Dubai, such as Dubai Food control department and  Dubai Municipality.

The next step will be to get approval for the construction and Restaurant approval in Dubai, which must meet certain requirements. Food control department approval in Dubai produces these requirements. The Restaurant plans must include the following information

  • Food processing and storage room
  • Sanitary services include restrooms
  • Food processing equipment location
  • The ventilation system of the place including doors, windows, and ventilators
  • Passages for Entry and Exit of the place
  • Minimum 30 meters away from disposal places to avoid contamination
  • The surrounding area around the place should be kept neat and clean all the time.

For information on all provisions of the Food Code and the registration steps of a company, please contact our SLM office in Dubai. You can rely on assistance for your restaurant in Dubai via the company incorporation process for Food control department approvals.

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