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Restaurant interior design and coffee shop fit-out services in Dubai

Leading among Restaurant Interior Design Companies in Dubai, SLM is responsible for providing high-quality interior solutions that realize the concept of a restaurant in the perfect alignment of client’s expectations. SLM is the best restaurant interior design and fit-out company in Dubai whom you can trust to deliver results that surpass expectations.

Restaurant, hotel and café owners must ensure that their environment is pleasing to their customers to attract more and provide a pleasant dining experience. So, restaurants require an excellent appearance.

A restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful dining experience while tasting delicious foods and sipping awesome coffee. A well-designed environment that welcomes your customers adds to your business’s worth and reputation. In Dubai, a growing number of investments are being made in restaurant and coffee interior design.

We are UAE’s most trusted restaurant decoration and hotel fit-out company in Dubai. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional interior design solutions that exceed your expectations.

We specialize in creating modern restaurant interior designers in Dubai to engage customer experience and attract more customers.


When creating a café or restaurant interior design, we try to establish a plan that will accomplish many objectives, one of which should be affordable. We created a concept that allows you to save money during execution: no need to pay twice for recreating and materials will be cheaper for you if you buy via us.

  • A measurement plan.
  • An installation plan for partitions, structures, and finishing (with details).
  • The layout of the furniture.
  • A plan of the doorways.
  • Floor plan (with a selection of materials).
  • The ceiling layout. Sectional ceilings
  • Lighting equipment layout.
  • Outlet layout
  • Elevation of all rooms.
  • 3D visualization of the premises

Modern Cafe Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Cafes are no longer just about wonderful food; they also need to have a fantastic ambiance with other components. It is essential to create an extraordinary ambiance, for which appropriate interior decor is required. With considerable experience designing cafes that reflect the company’s storey and identity. SLM Interiors offers a distinct, beautiful, and functional interior design experience for your café, lounge, bakery and cafe bar designs as well as a planned and streamlined interior build experience.

Why are Cafe shop Interior Design important?

As you may be aware, a café business requires not only superb cuisine but also a pleasant ambience. Cafe restaurant interior design services give an exceptional ambiance to provide customers with the freshness and comfort they want. It includes not just décor but also food presentation, dinnerware, table arrangement, and other features.

  • Unique wall design elements
  • Spacious seating formats
  • Proper use of space
  • Lighting and accessorization

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  • Team of experts.
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  • Premium safety and quality control
  • Reliable and reasonably priced
  • We are committed to providing you with on-time results without compromising on quality.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Call support during the process.

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