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Warehouse Approval Jafza in Dubai


JAFZA is a free trade zone with ready-made office facilities and factories to accommodate people. The best company for WAREHOUSE APPROVAL JAFZA helps and assists you to get approvals without any hindrance and hassle.

Choosing Jafza to set up the warehouse may be a good move, as there are certain codes of ethics that guarantee the best environmental and safety condition for setting up a warehouse in the city.

Some ethics for business persons within the Jafza are as follows:

Jafza ‘s authority workers are allowed to search the customer’s premises. The authorities do not need to give notice for doing so. They may search for different factors in the premises, such as checking for activities that may not be compliant with Jafza’s terms and regulations. Only the officials approved by Jafza will perform the inspection process. In case any other party approaches for inspection the client notifies Jafza ‘s authority. During the inspection process, the client must cooperate with Jafza ‘s authorities.

Officials aim to confirm proper vehicle parking, proper waste disposal, issuing of ID cards, limiting people’s illegal stay in the accommodation, maintaining security measures, etc. in the clients’ premises. Jafza can take immediate action against the client who does not maintain and store equipment compliant with Jafza ‘s requirements. The action taken against this could be noticed, discipline, or, in serious circumstances, termination of the client’s licence.No food is permitted inside the Jafza premises to be cooked in the warehouses or accommodation. Please visit the Approvals menu for other types of approval.

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