DEWA Approval in Dubai

DEWA Approval

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority(DEWA) is a public structure company founded on Jan1,1992.

All technical advances from power generation to smart homes and including big data management are a part of DEWA.

It has a vision of a future for sustainable developments. its motive it has developed its latest guidelines for Dubai Electricity and Water Customers for the NOC’s submission.

Slm interiors approval services will meet your need for DEWA approval for the affiliation of Electricity and Water residential water and electricity requirements in the professional and best possible way and provide you with high standards and fair services.

SLM DXB offers you services, realistic expectations, and completion times for each service of DEWA approval. We will reduce the number of steps necessary for the easiest and efficient completion of the Approval.

Document’s required for DEWA Approval Certification :

  • Dubai Municipality Pre-Qualification certificates from showing the approved contractor
  • University degree of Bachelor of Civil/Electrical Engineering
  • 3Yrs of Experience certificate, if it is not issued in the UAE, should be attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE Society of Engineers membership
  • Completion Certificate.
  • Wiring layouts for lighting
  • Built Approval.
  • BOQ approval Duct Installation.
  • Cable Diversion Works estimation.
  • Department of Economic Development (DED) Trade license
  • Sample of materials used and  Specification Approval.
  • Electrical Sub-Contractor Approval (Cable diversion work).
  • GIS Land Base Upadate
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