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Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator What’s the difference?

Whenever we think of giving the rooms in our house a makeover, taking professional help is the best way to go. While seeking the expert help, you may come across working professionals of two categories – Interior decorators and interior designers. So, if you are wondering what the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator are, don’t worry. We help you understand the fundamental differences between these two professions. People often get confused about the jobs of an interior designer and an interior decorator.

However, there are a lot of similarities. An interior designer helps plan the layout of the internal structure of the space. This planning profoundly impacts the well-being of you and your family. On the contrary, as you can guess by the name of the profession, an interior decorator designs and decorates the inside of a house or office to make it more beautiful. So go through this article and decide which professional you need to hire for the job.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer comes on board when the place is still under construction, as it is only possible to plan the interior while the space is still being built. The work of an interior designer may vary in several ways regarding a construction or refurbishment project. Different professionals adopt individual approaches for completing their work. Usually, interior designers involve themselves in all aspects of interior space composition and completion.

They are also associated with aesthetics, sculpture, availability in work and movement of residential and working spaces. When you contact one of the interior designers, they will understand your requirements, and after that, you can also get deep insights into the field. After these discussions, an interior designer will begin working on the project.

The primary responsibilities of an interior designer include working on:

  • The colour palette of a room
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Window treatments
  • Choices of cabinets
  • Design of washroom
  • Planning of furniture and bathrooms
  • Light arrangement
  • Plants, artworks and decorative items such as accessories

Designers are responsible for uplifting the appearance of a space and work towards increasing its functionality to improve the lifestyle.

Academic and Professional Qualifications of an Interior Designer

Like any other profession, the job of an interior designer requires specific academic qualifications. Their education will involve furniture construction, painting, design, colours, architecture and in-depth knowledge of the functionality of space. A design or architecture degree from the National Council of Interior Design will open your door to this industry. Once the bachelor’s degree is completed, students opt for internships under the guidance of professional interior designers or in reputed designing firms to earn first-hand experience for their future businesses and jobs.

An expert interior designer is skilled in space architecture and takes care of surface finishes and aesthetics with top-notch unique and artistic effects due to their proper training and education from reputable interior design institutes.

To establish yourself as a licensed interior designer, you will require a foundation degree or apprenticeship.

When to Hire an Interior Designer?

If you are wondering when to hire an interior designer, then well, in case you are thinking about any structural changes in the floor planning such as removing or building a wall, issues related to plumbing or electrical wiring and addition or removal of windows or doors you need to hire an interior designer for the guidance.

They will execute the planning to match the requirements of the project. You, as an appointee, need to hire an interior designer when the architect or builder is still working on your place. Only then they can make the significant and necessary changes to your home. You need to know a few things before hiring an interior designer.

  1. An interior designer can only help you with low to mid-level renovations, and the likes include installing or removing furniture or accessories anywhere in the house.
  2. Never go over budget as interior designing is not a necessity.

What Does An Interior Decorator Do?

Now, as you know the differences between the qualifications of an interior decorator and interior designer, it is time to talk about the job that an interior decorator will do for the interior of your home.

Interior decorators usually don’t collaborate with the contractor or the architect involved in building your place. They usually work in a space where all the structural work has already been done. When you hire one, they will help you choose the following things.

  • Furniture is required to decorate the place.
  • They also help people in choosing the colour scheme suitable for the space.
  • As discussed earlier, an interior decorator can work on a new place or help renovate an old place.

Interior decorators work closely with the carpenter, electricians and other professionals, especially those who help paint the walls.

Qualifications of an Interior Decorator

An interior decorator can only start practising professionally without necessary professional or formal training. This profession primarily deals with aesthetic pleasure. There is nothing to do with the structural planning of the place, or even it has no connection with the renovation. Although there are no professional academic requirements, most interior decorators have an undergraduate degree in the related field. There are degree courses and programs that an aspiring interior decorator can join.

All these courses mainly teach about colour and fabric schemes, the layout of the rooms, interior space planning, and suitable furniture depending on the rooms in the house. If they want to learn from the business’s best, they can work as an intern under an experienced person in this field.

When to Hire an Interior Decorator?

In most cases, an interior decorator comes in after all the structural planning has been done and executed by the workers related to that field. Depending upon your needs, you can contact an interior decorator anytime. Usually, one should hire an interior decorator when you cannot decide on the wallpapers, paint on the walls or which furniture to include. Depending on the planning, a skilled and experienced interior decorator knows what will work well for your room and which combination to choose. They are capable of transferring the whole room according to the needs and desires of the client. You need to ensure a few things before hiring an interior decorator.

  1. When you get bored with the dull look of the interiors or don’t like the interior decoration of your new place, then it is the ideal time to seek help.
  2. You have to be open to the suggestions given to you.
  3. If you have the budget to do the job, hire an interior decorator because the fees of a professional in this field are pretty high.


As we have concluded the article, we hope that now you have a clear idea about the job difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. They Both are capable of making your space more beautiful. The decoration will uplift the standard of your living. So, whenever you plan any such renovation or decoration of a new place, consult the anthem to do the job with perfection.

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