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12 Things a designer must do

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Inspiration is flowing on the internet, but to find the best of what you’re looking for, you have to know where to look. If you’re anything like us, you then have a list of daily home-design reads that keep your motivation levels way up and are a constant source for home decorating concepts, party planning notion, or renovating sources.

Interior design is the process of modeling the experience of interior space, through surface treatment and the use of spatial volume. Don’t confuse with interior decoration, interior design sketches on viewpoints of product design, and architecture in addition to conventional decoration.

An interior designer is somebody who is a professional in the field of interior design or a person who designs interiors as part of their work. It is an artistic work that analyzes and establishes a conceptual orientation, improves the design area, and produces visual presentation and architecture reports. In some fields, interior designers must be authorized and licensed to practice.” – ReferenceWikipedia

Now that you have a concept about interior design, we can learn something helpful, the basics of interior design. Let’s start!

When creating an interior design it is important to think of the location i.e office or house as a whole; a range of extents connected by halls and stairways. It is since suitable that a general manner and theme goes everywhere. All interior design factors shouldn’t be alike but they should work collectively and complement each other to increase the whole arrangement. One way to design this theme or story-line is to make the best use of colors. Color schemes, in general, are an excellent way to unite a set of extents. In a quick sentence for those who just examine this section, balance can be defined as the equal sharing of visible substance in a room.

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