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Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator What’s the difference?


Whenever we think of giving the rooms in our house a makeover, taking professional help is the best way to go. While seeking the expert help, you may come across working professionals of two categories – Interior decorators and interior designers. So, if you are wondering what the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator are, don’t worry. We help you understand the fundamental differences between these two professions. People often get confused about the jobs of an interior designer and an interior decorator.

However, there are a lot of similarities. An interior designer helps plan the layout of the internal structure of the space. This planning profoundly impacts the well-being of you and your family. On the contrary, as you can guess by the name of the profession, an interior decorator designs and decorates the inside of a house or office to make it more beautiful. So go through this article and decide which professional you need to hire for the job.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer comes on board when the place is still under construction, as it is only possible to plan the interior while the space is still being built. The work of an interior designer may vary in several ways regarding a construction or refurbishment project. Different professionals adopt individual approaches for completing their work. Usually, interior designers involve themselves in all aspects of interior space composition and completion.

They are also associated with aesthetics, sculpture, availability in work and movement of residential and working spaces. When you contact one of the interior designers, they will understand your requirements, and after that, you can also get deep insights into the field. After these discussions, an interior designer will begin working on the project.

The primary responsibilities of an interior designer include working on:

  • The colour palette of a room
  • Floor and wall finishes
  • Window treatments
  • Choices of cabinets
  • Design of washroom
  • Planning of furniture and bathrooms
  • Light arrangement
  • Plants, artworks and decorative items such as accessories

Designers are responsible for uplifting the appearance of a space and work towards increasing its functionality to improve the lifestyle.

Academic and Professional Qualifications of an Interior Designer

Like any other profession, the job of an interior designer requires specific academic qualifications. Their education will involve furniture construction, painting, design, colours, architecture and in-depth knowledge of the functionality of space. A design or architecture degree from the National Council of Interior Design will open your door to this industry. Once the bachelor’s degree is completed, students opt for internships under the guidance of professional interior designers or in reputed designing firms to earn first-hand experience for their future businesses and jobs.

An expert interior designer is skilled in space architecture and takes care of surface finishes and aesthetics with top-notch unique and artistic effects due to their proper training and education from reputable interior design institutes.

To establish yourself as a licensed interior designer, you will require a foundation degree or apprenticeship.

When to Hire an Interior Designer?

If you are wondering when to hire an interior designer, then well, in case you are thinking about any structural changes in the floor planning such as removing or building a wall, issues related to plumbing or electrical wiring and addition or removal of windows or doors you need to hire an interior designer for the guidance.

They will execute the planning to match the requirements of the project. You, as an appointee, need to hire an interior designer when the architect or builder is still working on your place. Only then they can make the significant and necessary changes to your home. You need to know a few things before hiring an interior designer.

  1. An interior designer can only help you with low to mid-level renovations, and the likes include installing or removing furniture or accessories anywhere in the house.
  2. Never go over budget as interior designing is not a necessity.

What Does An Interior Decorator Do?

Now, as you know the differences between the qualifications of an interior decorator and interior designer, it is time to talk about the job that an interior decorator will do for the interior of your home.

Interior decorators usually don’t collaborate with the contractor or the architect involved in building your place. They usually work in a space where all the structural work has already been done. When you hire one, they will help you choose the following things.

  • Furniture is required to decorate the place.
  • They also help people in choosing the colour scheme suitable for the space.
  • As discussed earlier, an interior decorator can work on a new place or help renovate an old place.

Interior decorators work closely with the carpenter, electricians and other professionals, especially those who help paint the walls.

Qualifications of an Interior Decorator

An interior decorator can only start practising professionally without necessary professional or formal training. This profession primarily deals with aesthetic pleasure. There is nothing to do with the structural planning of the place, or even it has no connection with the renovation. Although there are no professional academic requirements, most interior decorators have an undergraduate degree in the related field. There are degree courses and programs that an aspiring interior decorator can join.

All these courses mainly teach about colour and fabric schemes, the layout of the rooms, interior space planning, and suitable furniture depending on the rooms in the house. If they want to learn from the business’s best, they can work as an intern under an experienced person in this field.

When to Hire an Interior Decorator?

In most cases, an interior decorator comes in after all the structural planning has been done and executed by the workers related to that field. Depending upon your needs, you can contact an interior decorator anytime. Usually, one should hire an interior decorator when you cannot decide on the wallpapers, paint on the walls or which furniture to include. Depending on the planning, a skilled and experienced interior decorator knows what will work well for your room and which combination to choose. They are capable of transferring the whole room according to the needs and desires of the client. You need to ensure a few things before hiring an interior decorator.

  1. When you get bored with the dull look of the interiors or don’t like the interior decoration of your new place, then it is the ideal time to seek help.
  2. You have to be open to the suggestions given to you.
  3. If you have the budget to do the job, hire an interior decorator because the fees of a professional in this field are pretty high.


As we have concluded the article, we hope that now you have a clear idea about the job difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. They Both are capable of making your space more beautiful. The decoration will uplift the standard of your living. So, whenever you plan any such renovation or decoration of a new place, consult the anthem to do the job with perfection.

10 Reasons Why and When Should You Hire an Interior Designer


There are a lot of misconceptions about what interior designers do and how they might help you. Many people believe that wealthy individuals hire interior designers. Others mix up interior designers and decorators believing that they only deal with attractive accessories and decor. While some of these beliefs may be relevant most individuals hire interior designers are not the primary reason.

Why I Should Hire an Interior Designer?

One of the most common questions people ask is “Why I should hire an interior designer?” This is one of the main questions you can ask when considering the design of your space because it will help you identify your needs.

Here are five reasons why most people hire an interior designer:

Saving Money

It might seem odd that hiring someone to decorate your home would save you money since you have the designer’s extra expense. However, keep in mind that employing a designer might save you money by preventing wrong decisions and raising your home’s value. Interior design is crucial when listing your home, especially when selling it. This can help boost buyer appeal and put your property above the competition.

Budgeting And Planning

Hiring an interior designer can keep you on budget and save time and effort. A designer will know where to go for purchasing items related to your home. It will save you a lot of time when it comes to looking up products, brands, and prices. An interior decorator will have all of this at their fingertips.

Professional Assessment

A designer can give you a professional assessment of your situation which will lead to a solid plan of action. The order of things in a design plan is necessary for determining what can be reused or needs to be changed. This will affect the budget and help you spend it more efficiently. An interior designer comes up with an extra set of vision but those eyes are trained to see and notice things you might not see.

The Wide Availability Of Resources

An architect will be able to build a bond between you and your contractor to avoid design issues in your overall plan. This is crucial in time and money management. Designers are also trained to think of things we can overlook. It is so essential that lighting and furniture needs are considered before construction. If your living room couch is floating in the middle of the room, you want to make sure you have the right location for floor outlets.

The Valuation Of The House In The Event Of A Sale

A decorator can potentially add a lot to the aesthetics of your home. This can increase exposure and sales. This increased appeal can exponentially speed up your sale. The benefit is double, faster turnaround and more money in your pocket.

In short, interior design is a skill and an art that will improve the space and the quality of your life in the space. Hiring a pro increases the level of this experience and makes your building a real home.

When Should I Hire An Interior Designer?

Whether you are an individual or an investor, investing in the layout of your property is a real advantage! On the particular side, changing the decoration and layout of your apartment or house will make you gain in living comfort and well-being. Hiring an interior designer helps you transform your space to love it more and enjoy the comfort.

For Acquisition Or Sale Of Housing

If you want to buy a new home, the interior designer will be responsible for assessing the work needed to obtain the interior design you want. In addition, about interior and exterior spaces, he will be able to offer you a plan for your development project. On the other hand, if you want to rent or sell your home, the interior designer will offer many tips to improve your interior design. In fact, the value of your home will increase.

For Renovations

The expertise of an interior designer is useful for the renovation of a house. Works such as knocking down a partition, creating a mezzanine, integrating custom furniture, building a staircase, etc.

He can also offer you the latest trends in terms of interior design while taking into account your budget constraints. Indeed, the architect-designer masters all the basics of the interior makeover and space design and the world of buildings and works. Thus, he has the address book you need to find the best professionals for your project.

Build A Garage Or Extra Room

Before building an extra room in your home, a building permit may be required. Indeed, you may be breaking the law by creating a garage within 3m of the boundary wall that faces the main street. Being a professional, the interior designer masters the legislation. He will thus be able to help you set up a file that will have a high probability of being validated.

Call The Interior Designer To Save Space.

You live in a small home, and you want to save a few square meters. However, you don’t know how you can do it. The interior designer can help you make space by proposing solutions that never crossed your mind.

Other Cases Where You Can Call On An Interior Designer

You can call on an interior designer if construction defects in your home make your home not very comfortable. These faults may be a bit complex to remove or fix. Thanks to the expertise of the interior designer, all these problems will find solutions.

If your family is growing and you can’t afford to move, you may need to create a child’s room. The interior designer is the ideal professional for you. If one of your living rooms is dark and you need to bring light to it while adding a few aesthetic touches

Final Words

Our home is where we spend most of our free time. Therefore, it should be a place where you can recharge your batteries and not a source of anxiety. Investing in the services of an interior designer means adding value to a transition in your life. It reduces your stress concerning all questions relating to interior design and decoration.

The decorator will not accompany you in structural modifications or monitor a construction site. On the other hand, it is competent to guide you in optimizing your square meters, the choice of materials, textiles, furniture, finishes, layout and wall coverings. It will optimize the space while creating an interior in your image, in which you will be happy to live.

How To Hire A Best Interior Designer On A Budget


Interior design is a collaborative work between the client and the professional designer. However, the result will have to be perfect. In a winning team, the personalities are compatible and collaborative. Using the services of a professional also means having peace of mind. You can get new ideas that you would not necessarily have thought of.

To help you make your decision, we have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself before:

  1. Hiring a decorator or designer?
  2. Why hire an interior designer?
  3. How to hire an interior designer on a budget?

You will know everything in this article. Finally, you will know for sure if hiring an interior designer is the best decision for you.

Who Is An Interior Designer?

Interior designers arrange and decorate spaces. He is a specialist with a degree in creating and optimizing interior space. We call him to imagine an environment in total harmony. With his art of living and the type of architecture of the building, he gives ideas in compliance with lifestyle and budget. The interior designer improves the quality of life and comfort by modifying the space and playing with light. Furthermore, he adds some materials and combines them in a balanced way to give a new look.

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

The designer draws up interior layout plans for a renovation or new construction. He provides a 3D view so that you can imagine your future space. This design professionals knows the different standards and regulatory requirements. He also has a clear idea of the specific materials and the latest trends. Furthermore, he will give you his expert advice on your ideas. Also, assist you in developing them to get the desired outcome. Hiring a designer also saves your time when it comes to shopping. Because he can show you where you can find the pieces you are looking for.

Whether it is for the choice of materials, the lighting system, the furniture, or the decoration, the interior designer will help you make choices following your needs and your budget. Creating a unique, functional, and stylish interior that stands out from the crowd also means increasing the value of your property. Once the interior is done, you will look at your house with a new eye. Thus, you will enjoy all its charm and new aspects highlighted by the interior designer.

Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer?

Suppose you are wondering how to hire an interior designer on a budget, first of all, before you start looking for your dream creator. In that case, there are a few things to consider. The interior design process is more accessible, enjoyable, and effective when prepared in advance. Once you have completed your homework, you will have a good understanding of what your home requires. This makes it easier for you to find interior design help.

Tips On How To Find An Interior Designer On A Budget?

1. Ask your friends and family

The best way of choosing an interior designer is word of mouth. Check if someone you know has had their house built or has undertaken significant renovations or an extension. Ask them for the contact details of their interior decorator whose services are satisfactory for them.

2. Do the research and prepare yourself

It seems very simple, but the comparison step is complex and confusing, especially if you don’t know the designer firms present on the market. Before arranging a meeting, do thorough research on the web. This will help you know more about the designer’s style and better understand their reputation online.

3. Plan the things that you can do yourself

Sometimes a little grease on your hand is required to get the job done. You may wish to paint the room yourself. Hiring a painter is convenient and saves time. But if you are handy and don’t mind doing the work yourself, you can save a lot of money. Ensure that you perform a thorough job of preparing and taping. Your designer can assist you in choosing a paint color and finish. If you have never painted before, find a family member or friend who has.

4. Go to design centers

Begin by looking for a design center near you. You may be familiar with the well-known design centers, such as Ikea, Home Depot, and furniture stores. Get a map of the design center and do some research on the showrooms before you go so you know which ones you want to spend the most time in. You will enjoy seeing such design concepts come to life in showrooms. Visiting showrooms is the best way to find new looks and some of them offer you free or discounted interior plans for your home. The samples are far more memorable because they are available to explore with all of your senses.

5. Be clear with the designer about your budget

uring the first meeting, it is important to discuss the budget. We recommend asking about the rate and duration of the first meeting. Some offer it for free. Some don’t Indeed, he will be able to offer you ideas according to your budget. You will also be free from any worries about possible fee overruns.

Designers work with different billing methods: flat rate (fixed price), hourly, or percentage. Decorators paid on a percentage basis will usually charge you 8-15% of the total project cost. Regarding fixed rates, we strongly recommend finding out about plan changes.

6. Connect with students or interns

Many students and interns want to get hands-on experience. Getting in touch with a local college that offers an interior design degree is a great place to start. Interns are generally eager to please and demonstrate their talents. So, the interior designing students may work for free or at significantly discounted prices.

Again, interview the student as if you were interviewing a professional to ensure that your styles are compatible. If the partnership works out, they will increase their portfolio while saving money. A win-win situation for both of you!

To Conclude

Finally, an interior designer can offer you original decoration solutions. He renews a soft interior and adds value to your property. He will also give his opinion on certain innovative materials that guarantee good energy savings. Suppose it is a question of fitting out a commercial premise. In that case, the interior decorator will make the most of the available spaces and find attractive decoration solutions. I hope you got an idea of hiring an interior designer on a budget.

12 Things a designer must do


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Inspiration is flowing on the internet, but to find the best of what you’re looking for, you have to know where to look. If you’re anything like us, you then have a list of daily home-design reads that keep your motivation levels way up and are a constant source for home decorating concepts, party planning notion, or renovating sources.

Interior design is the process of modeling the experience of interior space, through surface treatment and the use of spatial volume. Don’t confuse with interior decoration, interior design sketches on viewpoints of product design, and architecture in addition to conventional decoration.

An interior designer is somebody who is a professional in the field of interior design or a person who designs interiors as part of their work. It is an artistic work that analyzes and establishes a conceptual orientation, improves the design area, and produces visual presentation and architecture reports. In some fields, interior designers must be authorized and licensed to practice.” – ReferenceWikipedia

Now that you have a concept about interior design, we can learn something helpful, the basics of interior design. Let’s start!

When creating an interior design it is important to think of the location i.e office or house as a whole; a range of extents connected by halls and stairways. It is since suitable that a general manner and theme goes everywhere. All interior design factors shouldn’t be alike but they should work collectively and complement each other to increase the whole arrangement. One way to design this theme or story-line is to make the best use of colors. Color schemes, in general, are an excellent way to unite a set of extents. In a quick sentence for those who just examine this section, balance can be defined as the equal sharing of visible substance in a room.

12 Interesting Facts about Interior Designers


 1. Interior designers are similar to interior architects.

Most people are confused by the various work titles that are in the design business. Nevertheless, a very obvious mistake is to assume that interior architects and interior designers do the same function. In reality, the fact about Interior designers is, these services can include many different subjects which are enhanced often than not, very far apart. Generally, interior design has more to do with the art of the building, while interior architecture is more with the science behind it.

2. Interior design is solely concerning décor.

Interior design includes much more than just a good understanding of décor. As we’ve discussed in our previous article on the topic, the practice of interior architecture needs designers to acknowledge everything to do with the building of an interior space that will touch human abode, including finishes, Materials, electrical necessities, ergonomics, plumbing, ventilation, lighting and creative use of space. Interior designers with practice in interior architecture will usually be present at the site, and have an important role in the development process, from the opening plans right into the finishing touches.

3. Engaging an interior designer is very expensive.

Taking into consideration the scale of the project, the funds, and the time you have in mind for completing it, the expense of hiring an expert interior designer can change dramatically. Mostly, interior designers impose very moderate pays and the value you get for your money will be worth giving. If not sure about how much the project would take, you can easily enquire with us and choose if you are willing to settle for it.

4. Interior designers complete paintings with pricey elements.

Like each professional, indoor designers work with both costly and less expensive merchandise and elements. And importantly, they may work within the limits of the finances and requirements you deliver them as their client. You have to keep in mind that the fee of substances is not continually important to getting the give up the result you desire. If you’re working with an experienced interior designer, they should have the ability to advise you on the best pleasant merchandise at the most reasonable fee there is.

5. You don’t need a degree to end up an interior Designer.

There are many people obtainable that declare that they’re indoors designers, while not having any formal training. However, as explained in a number of the other factors above, the interior layout is a totally difficult and exciting profession that includes a variety of responsibilities and requires a terrific deal of capabilities and expertise. The most effective way you could ensure which you have some of these on board when applying for a task, even at an intern level, maybe to attain a proper qualification from a diagnosed organization. A career in indoor architecture and design may be hard to get began and an accredited course within the subject will give you a head begin by using presenting you the understanding, abilities, and qualifications you want to succeed.

6. Interior designers make all the decisions for you.

Don’t anticipate that every one choice on an indoor design venture could be made with the aid of the designer you have got hired. He or she will have numerous suggestions on the way ideas can be implemented, however, the final decisions will lie with you. 

7. Interior designers can’t work with existing structures, materials, and objects – they always need to throw the whole lot old away. 

The fact is that indoors designers continually work in the direction of reaching the dreams in an interior layout plan. If this plan includes the stripping of a building to its naked bones they would definitely want to throw the entirety old away. This isn’t usually important and you could maintain lots of your antique stuff in your new house or area as you want. 

8. “I don’t want an interior Designer – I can do it on my own”.

As we outlined earlier within the article, the indoor layout is a completely complex task. You can try and do a number of its additives to your own, however, unless you have got the training and expertise of indoor design concepts, we think you shouldn’t start any mission, small or huge without an expert eye. There are such a lot of examples of terrible layout decisions that show that it is not worth risking your dream mission if you could go away from it to the professionals. At the give up of the day, you wouldn’t perform on somebody if you’re weren’t a doctor, right? 

9. Interior designers usually need to be trendy. 

Interior designers continually try to be privy to the brand new tendencies of their profession. However, they wouldn’t force you to do something to your project if you don’t adore it or you observed it doesn’t suit your desires. Trends are interesting to follow, however, they are not something each indoors designer tries to enforce their paintings. 

10. Interior designers don’t need a plan for their initiatives. 

Interior designers can’t paintings without a plan for their task. They need to reflect consideration on every unmarried detail and plan in a suitable time for it. An appropriate plan method that as a customer you will get an idea of the fee involved in addition to the deadline for completion of each stage. Planning is a critical part of the activity of the indoor fashion designer. 

11. Interior design doesn’t require loads of time. 

Interior design tasks can take a variety of time and this usually takes place due to the fact the whole technique calls for the attention, talents, and know-how of the numerous other specialists who work with the Interior Designer. The designer wishes to be able to speak everyone else’s language – from the plumber to the conservation officer, so that it will make the venture plan work. This doesn’t mean that all interior design initiatives take years to complete – a complicated, however very well organized task on a residential property, for example, can take around 5 months from start to finish. 

12. Interior designers don’t want to work towards a price range. 

A right plan usually comes with a clear concept of the price range the patron has for it. There’s no such factor as an “open price range” – interior designers should know what is low cost and what isn’t always because this will help them make a few very vital choices. Give your indoors clothier a price range to work with and go away the magic touch to them!

You’re Office Renovation


Your workplace is a reflection of your commercial enterprise! Whether you’re thinking about minor enhancements to fixtures or fixtures or a prime workplace redesign, renovations had been established to have a fantastic impact on productivity. Your workplace is a representation of your company. For you to challenge a professional and superb photo, your office needs a maintenance guide.

An office refurbishment or upkeep may appear to be a monumental challenge to undertake, however, a properly considered fit-out can bring about long-lasting blessings for an employer and their employees. We will test what are the ultimate guides for your office renovation on this article.

Planning your renovation

The practice stage is crucial and for flourishing protection, you need to have respectable planning. Smart making plans within the early stages give you a possibility for a successful workplace renovation. To get the maximum out of your upkeep you will need to define specific dreams or plans that you assume from the construction undertaking, you want to have a proactive approach.

Whether you are growing a contemporary effect or growing the function of the space, it’s critical to tell your venture manager of your desires and arise with the upkeep tick list as well as protection advice. Planning as a consequence on the early stages guarantees that every one aspect of the assignment can be finished without putting off.

Assembling a team

Before you even start your renovation, you need to have observed the scope of labor needed. Decide in case you want to remain inside the area and work around the preservation, or your office will want to quickly relocate. If you need to set up a temporary workplace then create a transferring team.

The team ought to include a team of workers individuals who would like to be involved inside the transition process, a number one touch for employee questions, and your selected construction undertaking manager and design team..

Conducting Market Research

Assessing your present day constructing situation is vital before you are starting a maintenance. Asking for worker enter at the undertaking may be an added advantage. They will have some first-rate ideas and they’ll appreciate being part of the system. If your workplace is in a high rise constructing then you can need to consult companies on other levels which have lately renovated. A consultant will be capable of assist with the entire procedure and also to talk about the preservation tick list and maintenance advice before they quote your undertaking, however it’s useful for the enterprise to see what others have completed in similar workplace areas and get an concept about time frames.

Research magazines, books, and at the internet, and have a look at what different human beings have accomplished to their office. When you’re speaking to a protection corporation, you need to be able to communicate your vision as without a doubt as viable

Plan your relocation

Working at some stage in a protection is feasible for some projects, however a relocation is usually recommended to maintain productivity excessive and personnelhappy. You can locate many brief office areas to suit loads of desires and a large wide variety of employees. Some condominium spaces are pass in ready, with computer and phone structures in place so you can have a smooth transition into the brand new space.


Contingency Plan

You continually want a contingency plan if there’s a crisis. Problems can arise in spite of the maximum detailed venture plans. Set aside a contingency budget of 10% of the total upkeep costs for feasible setbacks. Ensure that the brief office area is to be had beyond your expected end date in case you want to increase your stay. In almost each office renovation task, a few surprising factors and variables emerge. Sometimes sudden bad weather can delay the shipping of substances and workplace fixtures.

A solid contingency plan and contingency budget will make sure that those do now not derail your challenge. Plan and follow the exact preservation guide in case you are thinking about present process an workplace maintenance. Proactive planning and coaching will make the upkeep method simpler for all parties and will significantly decrease the hazard of any sudden issues from arising.

Health and safety aspect

You can even use your preservation as an possibility to eliminate capability fitness and safety hazards. Old carpet is a supply of micro organism and dust that may compromise the health of even your healthiest personnel. If you’re in an old constructing, you may discover it’s insulated with asbestos which can be removed at some point of preservation.

Likewise, all through your preservation, you can pick substances and paint that have fewer chemical substances thereby enhancing air fine in your office.

Furniture Is Essential

Internal fittings in addition to furnishings’s performs a essential position as well. As crucial as it’s far to fit the style of your theme, it’s simply as essential that you choose reliable products. Visit a showroom or even different places of work to get an concept of ways you your workplace to be. Sometimes it is constantly proper to be innovative and explore something different.

Regardless of your desires or your finances, there also are a wide range of high quality outcomes associated with a maintenance. You can have time to reflect on consideration on so many different things. You’ll even advantage from developing a healthier environment for your workforce and customers.

Remember a renovated office space can easily help decorate your professional photograph and imbued your self and your co- workers with confidence, and also providing you with that aggressive part over the competition. Best of all, the anticipated boom in income and earnings margin alone, because of your enhanced corporate image, is often enough to justify your upkeep investment.